Ask an expert

If you are thinking about embarking on a building project and unsure where to start, our ‘ask the expert’ consultation can provide some of the answers. Follow the link below to book consultation with our Director Steve Melvin who has over 25 years of architectural experience. As a company we have extensive experience in providing new-builds, refurbishments and extensions in sensitive locations including, national parks, green belt, open countryside and conservation areas. We have a range of projects across the UK and abroad, and we aim to provide insights for your design question and problems.

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Needs & Options Review

If you are building or renovating then taking action on what you learn in this short video will be the most valuable thing you can do. Understanding your needs and options early forms the basis of any successful building project. Before commencing the design process we recommend this ‘research and diagnosis’ step to illuminate the process and expel any doubt or worry about your chosen path, timescale and budget.

Click to watch an explanatory video about how our Needs and Options review can assist and provide the next steps to realising your project…

Vision Pathfinder – Your Project Planning Pack

Understanding what you want to achieve is one thing, knowing the necessary steps and people who can assist is another. On a daily basis our team receive requests to source technical information and professionals for a range of projects. To simplify the process we have listed a directory of professionals and specialists used during one of our projects to demonstrate the kind of team we manage and coordinate. A cost estimator is also included to enable approximate project costs. If you have any questions about your project don’t hesitate to get in touch. If we can’t answer your question then we may be able to direct you to someone who can.

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