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  • I have worked with Atelier Architects for number of years , I have found them to be innovative and original in their design ideas and concept. From my observations they are also professional in their interaction with clients and fellow design team professionals. Atelier, whilst a smaller practice this insures the personal touch from the principal Stephen Melvin on each and every project they undertake. I have always enjoyed working with Atelier Architects.

    Philip Jewson
    Quantity Surveyor
  • Having worked with many architects over 35 years it’s always a pleasure to work with the Atelier team, who having got to know their client produce a project resulting in minimal construction difficulties. If difficulties arise we are able to work together efficiently resolving them and keeping the project on track always keeping the clients aims in mind.

    Gary Clark
  • I have always found Stephen easy to work with especially in conservation work where we work as a team solving the many problems we have encountered in the historic buildings. His attention to detail and focus mean that the client’s brief is fulfilled in an expeditious and economic manner

    Brian Livesey
  • We have recently worked with Atelier Architects as Mechanical and Electrical Services Consulting Engineers on a Council owned public car park extension project to completion of design stage and found that their approach to the project as Lead Consultant was carried out in a professional manner, taking a full overseeing role of other disciplines within the team

    Jeff Naman
    Mechanical Engineer
  • We have worked with Atelier architecture & design for a number of years and always found them to be Professional, Reliable and easy to deal with. Their designs show imagination and flair and are interesting to work on. We look forward to doing so again in the future.

    Ray Jeffery
  • We have found Atelier to be very professional and their designs to be very clear and easy to follow. We look forward to working with them again on future schemes.

    Richard White
    Civil Engineer
  • I have had the pleasure to work with Stephen and his colleagues at Atelier on a number of occasions now and find their professionalism and client focus to be outstanding. From my perspective, what I really appreciate is Stephen’s recognition of the value and expertise other professionals can also bring to a project. It is always a better result for the client when he has an architect who is aware enough to know when professional planning advice and input will be of benefit, leaving the architect to focus on his own area of expertise, the conceptual  and design work. As a result of Stephen’s approach, we have achieved great results for clients and I look forward to the next project where we might have the opportunity to work together.

    Simon Murphy
    Planning Consultant
  • Atelier’s designs offer meticulous attention to detail with a high quality specification & good structural awareness

    Darren Milnes
    Structural Engineer


As architects we learn how to interact with the landscape, as a climber you are forced into that engagement.
Adapting to gravity, geology and weather, and working a problem until you solve it, this is the essence of exploration and ‘pioneering’. The synergy with the landscape in both architecture and climbing has the power to ‘wow’ and exhilarate.


“I lead my life and design profession attuned and inspired by nature. Whether it’s climbing a remote frozen waterfall, or designing a rural retreat, I believe in engaging nature’s forces and helping others attune life to nature and to find their space.”
“Architecture is the manifestation of self-awareness in a place”

It’s at moments like this when body and mind are forced to synchronise and a natural unhurried rhythm develops.

Steve savouring a sea of ice in the Italian dolomites.


Preparation (breakfast):

Scrambled sweet pancakes with rum soaked raisins and a berry or apple compote.

  • 6oz fresh lime/lemon/orange/grapefruit
  • 1-2oz honey
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • Grated ginger
  • 16oz hot water
Recovery (warming comfort):

Creamy hot eggnog, brandy and coffee, mixed to taste

A building project is like climbing a mountain; it’s sometimes a challenge but always rewarding, so if you have a friend or acquaintance interested in building with nature, get in touch!